Our Diamond clip-in hair extensions, by CD Extensions

Our Diamond clip-in hair extensions are the best way to add a touch of glamour whenever you want. You feel the need to be the best looking woman in the room today? You have a special date tonight and you would like to look more stunning than ever? Just put them on. After your long day at work, you just want to relax in your blankets, au naturel? Just take them off. It’s that easy!

Our Diamond clip-in hair extensions have been carefully selected to meet our highest quality standard. We are committed to delivering a product that will exceed your expectations and make each and every day more perfect. With such beautiful hair and your confidence at its best, who knows what you will accomplish today?

Jet Black
Natural black
Dark chocolate
Rich Mocha brown
Chestnut brown
Platinum blonde
Honey beach

Our sublime results

You just received your new Diamond hair extensions and the result is incredible? You look as stunning as ever? You think your new look needs to be seen by our community of women everywhere in the country? Send us your best selfie or picture by tagging us (@cdextensions) in your post on facebook or instagram, or send it to us by e-mail at cdextensions@gmail.com, so we can adjust the projector on you! With a change of look that much incredible, you deserve it!

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